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Pixel Tracker - Free

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Track progress on all your long-term projects with this PDF. A5 and Half-Letter sizes provided.

Get a beautiful visual representation of how far you've come so you never lose sight of your progress. Stay motivated by watching your board fill in over time. Plus, avoid the feeling of failure that comes from "don't break the chain" style trackers--on pixel trackers, you only mark down progress you made, not days you missed. This helps build positive momentum and prevents negative self-talk.

Print this PDF to use pens, markers, dot pens, or stickers to track your progress, or use it digitally with an app like goodnotes or drawboard. Also compatible with any e-ink devices that you can write on like a Supernote or Remarkable.

Pixel trackers are best for long-term projects or habit tracking over a long period of time. Examples:

  • Words written
  • Pages Read
  • Minutes Exercised
  • Social Media Follower count
  • Hours worked or studied

Color coding on the pixel tracker is completely optional--you can keep the whole thing one color, or have your colors be completely random! But if you want to color code, you might...

  • Use a new color for each day you work on your project
  • Use a different color for different projects that have the same type of work (ex. pixels for words written on Project A are a different color than Project B)
  • Use color to show the difficulty of the tasks you were working on
  • Show your mood or health
  • Have a "scale" of colors (ex. each pixel represents your step count each day. Color it green for <5000, yellow for 5000-7500, orange for 7500-10000, red for 10k+)
  • Try to draw a picture pixel by pixel

Be sure to comment to let me know how you use your pixel tracker!

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PS. These files are completely free, but if you'd like to leave me a tip, you can name a different price. Thank you!

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Last updated May 31, 2024

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A5 & US Half-Letter
Free! But if you'd like to leave me a tip, you can name a different amount. Thank you!
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Pixel Tracker - Free

0 ratings
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